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Myths and perceptions of living with Aniridia™ (MAPOLWA™)
Aniridia Changing Perception™ (ACP™)

Aniridia Changing Perception™ (ACP™), is a personal website to create awareness of Aniridia, inform the public of Human Rights, the truth of psychiatry, and to challenge some of the false perceptions people have, the barriers and problems, also attempt to get the public involved to work towards a solution.

The vision is to focus on what can be done to correct the damage, and ensure that there are no repeat of events that would result in further damage, many of the problems and barriers illustrated on this site are shared by other people and / or groups of people, and many of the events that I have experienced are unacceptable and could have been avoided.

Aniridia Changing Perception™ (ACP™) launched June 2008.

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